Monday, October 23, 2006

A place where murder is born

Yeah the picture is from Disneyland. The happiest place on earth. For retards and children. That's the ride "Small World" in the background. It goes about 1 mph and is for retards and children. I think if you play the song "Its a small world" backwards, the voices tell you to go molest little jew boys. I don't know thats just what I've made up.

Let me tell you something Mr. Disney. If you think i'll subscribe to your notion of happiness by letting my ears be violated by shitty jingles you have another thing coming. Because trust me, some day a man just like me but with more violent proclivities will step on that ride, and he will hear the song "It's a Small World", and he will be pushed to murder. He will murder every soul on that boat. Because for some people, Mr. Disney, obnoxious happiness in the face of a cynical world is maddening, not infectious. Fuck you Mr. Disney. Fuck you and your theme park. You're lucky I got in for free, otherwise I'd unfreeze your corpse and skull fuck you myself.

Actually I would never do such a thing. I'm not so into skull-fucking. Call me a-sexual. But moving on. I was fired from my job. They fired me on monday. The reason for this was my habitual lateness, which I'll attest to. I'm always fucking late. I'm late for everything. It runs in the bloodstream. No literally there's this sign that says "late" and it has legs and it jogs laps inside my actual bloodstream. He's real fit, real skinny.

They pulled me aside because on Sunday I called sick a half an hour before my shift started. Hahahaha isn't that shit funny? I was so hungover from the night before. I woke up feeling great, too. It wasn't till I got out of bed and nearly fell over that I realized I felt great because I was still drunk, so as soon as that wore off I was pretty much in hell. I nearly vomited about 10 different times that day. Ironically if I had just gotten drunker to the point of actually vomitting, i would have felt a shitload better. Did I mention that's ironically?

So now I'm jobless. And I don't know where I want to work. Whenever I ask, everybody always says the same thing. Starbucks. Which is totally an unoriginal answer not to mention shitty job. I refuse to serve people their coffee, they get way too specific with it. Plus they're bound to fire me because I'm peeing in someone's drink, it's just a question of who the lucky asshole will be that was mean to Greg when he was hungover. It's bound to happen I have a very small weiner and I can pee very quickly. I've had enough with customer service.

Speaking of which I will have the second part to my short story up soon. It's not due until the end of my semester so I've been slacking on it. And I've been tagged a few times too. Eh, I fucking hate tag.