Thursday, April 20, 2006

Greg, Urine Trouble Now!

I helped an old man take a piss the other day at work. It was thoroughly traumatizing, presumably to both parties.

It happened as I was leaving the bathroom at work. There was an old guy in a wheelchair with his assistant, right outside the door. Being the good gent that I am, I held the door open for him while his assistant wheeled him into the bathroom, thinking this would be the extent of my responsibilities. Turns out I was wrong, because afterwards the lady tells him she couldn't go in there with him, and if you didn't know already, I am a male.

Funny how traumatizing events happen so quickly, because next thing I know the door is shutting behind me and I'm standing in the bathroom with an old man. He asks me to help him up so he could walk to the toilet, so I do, thinking this would be the extent of my responsibilities. But here's the kicker, and oh, what a fine kicker it is - the guy could hardly stand - hence the wheelchair. Which meant the only way this guy could take a piss is if I propped him up.

Did I mention how funny it is that traumatizing events happen so quickly? Because next thing you know, I'm propping this guy up by the toilet while he starts to extrapolate his weiner from his pants. Then comes the groans. Oh the groans. Maybe it was a kidney stone, maybe it was old age, maybe it was both, but this guy would let out a little squirt, followed by a long groan, followed by another little squirt, followed by an even louder groan, followed by another little squirt, you get the fucking picture. He was shaking, groaning, yelling out "fuck, fuck, fuck" I'm not making this up.

Finally he was done so I led him back to his wheelchair, and this is when I ask him, "Sir, is it okay if you don't wash your hands?". Because I'll be fucking damned, right? He replies, "Nah, fuck washing my hands, get me out of here". And that's that.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The way I seez it

People tend to notice things first and foremost if they correlate to the things they think about, and it is very common for the things people think about to fascinate them. It is also common for people to assume the things that fascinate them are the same things that fascinate others, which in turn leads people to believe that others notice the same things they do. Follow? So what you're left with, for example, is a blonde who can't understand why I didn't notice her new shoes, and keep in mind, all of this is done while we simulatenously uphold the belief that our individual thoughts are special, and unthought of by others.

See, I'm obsessed with various people's thinking, because in general they're just so... bad at it. It's easy to make mistakes because we tend to form opinions based on reactions, as opposed to, ooh I don't know, thinking first them forming conclusions later? For example, this is what always gets me. We live in a world where if I so happened to sport a bumper sticker that read "Peace", some redneck driving down the road would think to himself, "Oh look at this fucking hippie". As if there were a single argument out there against peace! But this is what we do, we make sweeping generalizings about the things people stand for to make things nice and tidy, then hate that thing, if only for the sake of turning this game of truth into a war.

Like one of the biggest wars of all: red states versus blue states! It's the coastal cities versus middle America people! Statistics suggest that if you really had to color code America, we'd be varying shades of purple. Which is precisely to say that yes, liberals do live among rednecks, and rednecks do live among liberals. But screw that right? We gotta keep ourselves distracted with false wars, and purple is a color for those gays - red states and blue states!

The truth of the matter is, this isn't a war. We all just think differently. Liberals have a different way of thinking than conservatives, and even though conservatives are all idiots, they still have some valid things to say. But it's so much more soothing to the ego to think that our intellectual strengths define what intelligence is, while others are just good in certain areas. This is actually quite um, profound, I guess you could say, because we all think this and it's precisely what keeps us from appreciating others.

I, for example, can't stand business talk. I hate finances. And it's very tempting for me to think, "Oh those asians, they're just good with numbers, but look at me man. I break shit down, I put things together, I see the big picture". But if we didn't have Asians who were good with math and engineering, where would our cellphones that played Lil Wayne ringtones be? Exactly, we'd be trying to dance to a pac-bell ringtone, and that my friends, has no beat.

I just think it's damn important to appreciate the intelligences of others, especially when they are nothing like our own, but it's exactly the opposite. When it comes to displaying our intellectual prowess, everyone wants to go into into their little specialty corners and talk there. "No don't talk about that, talk about this!" Because we tend to believe our interests share more relevance than the interests of others. I'm two cents short from being a philosopher, I'll be damned if I'm appreciating what a lawyer has to say. Unless he's getting me out of prison.

It's only natural, though, to want to hear things that fall within the context of our pre-existing base of knowledge. We like to deal with the fringe of what is known and unknown. If I pointed out that the sky is blue, nobody would care, because everyone knows that. If I started reading from Einstein's journal of mathematical equations, nobody would care, because none of it would make sense. The only way for me to get anyone's pulse going, is to speak on the fringe of what is known and unknown, to expand the parameters of what people know.

But people think they know alot so its hard to find someone willing to hear it. I think it's a beautiful thing, if I may be gay for a moment, when you find two people who are completely willing to learn from each other. Pretentiousness is a bitch though, ain't it? Once you think you have all the answers ya stop looking for them. I guess its only natural that we tend to believe our personal experiences make us wiser, while the experiences of others make them bias.

I'll wrap things up though. It's a naive reality we live in, when three-fourths of our thoughts are wasted on meaningless trivial things, and the other one-fourth wasted on telling ourselves how smart we are - you really gotta wonder if what we tell ourselves is true. If you ask me, we're just good at what we're good at. Smart is too broad of a word. But lets all go ahead and keep thinking we're geniuses. Afterall, we are the ones who dictate the reality of our own thoughts, and who wants to question the thoughts that make us feel better?

So hell yeah we're biased. About as lopsided as a fat kid on a see-saw.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back from mexico

I just flew in from Cabo today, and boy are my arms are tired. Anyone, anyone? I'll just throw this out there in case you were wondering: no I didn't get arrested, no I didn't bang a hooker, and yes this is a new shirt, thank you for noticing.

One thing I love about Mexico is that the Mexicans all seem to care about everything just a tad bit less as compared to us Americans. They're all so friendly and they never give a shit about the time as long as it's happy hour. And if they don't understand a word you say, they'll still smile and nod and make you feel real good about yourself. It sorta makes you reflect on the sticks up all our asses and ponder why we leave it there despite the noticeable discomfort.

I'll admit though it wasn't a wild and crazy time. I spent the larger portion of my days deep in secluded prayer, and when I wasn't worshipping God the Almighty I was driving the roads looking for impoverished children I could feed loaves of bread to.

But really, it was just a good old time. Unfortunately though, the spring breakers were no longer in town, however there were a lot of grandmas and small children lounging around the poolside, so when I wasn't busy feeling like a pervert, I was busy feeling like a douchebag for thinking granny's tan accentuated the whiteness of her dentures quite nicely.

And since I'm quite the one to take warm baths in fragrant depression and moisturizing self-hate, let me tell you about all the times I got shot down in Cabo. Granted I had no back-up because I was with my bro and his girlfriend most of the time, but regardless these are the reasons why I want to chop my face off.

So I go up to this girl at the bar who was with some friends but looking pretty bored. I flip the charm switch on and say, "Hey, you're pretty cute, let me buy you a drink". She tells me "no" with the most sober face possible, clamining she was at her limit, but remarks that her friend probably wanted one. She pointed at her friend who was unapologetically beaten by the ugly stick, but my horniness was inclining me towards the notion that tonight wouldn't be a night to descriminate. So I tell Medusa I'll buy her a drink, she says, "Okay sure. Wait no, we're about to leave".

I go back to my spot at the bar and watch the girls buy drinks for another 20 minutes. So now not only do girls not want to talk to me, they don't even want free drinks from me. You know you're a scumbag when people won't even take free shit from you, that's like saying, "No thank you, I'll take free mints and spritzes of fragrance from the cross-eyed albino guy in the bathroom, but you're just SCAARY".

Waa, I don't want to talk about my shortcomings anymore. There's plenty more where that came from, and that's why I'll never get married, never talk to a girl again, becoming a failed alcoholic author, and I'm shaving my eyebrows. Because at least with all that self-handicapping, I have an excuse for being alone and miserable. And when people ask me why I'm so alone and miserable, I can say, "I have no fucking eyebrows", and I"ll be wearing a turtle neck sweater, and the pieces would all come together.